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Tree Surgery encompasses a number of activities as defined by BS3998. The crown is the main foliage baring part of the tree (ref no. are the sections in BS3998)




Cutting trees down to ground level (usually within 75 mm of the ground) with the intention of encouraging regrowth of multiple shoots


Crown lifting

Removal of lower branches to achieve a stated vertical clearance above ground level or other surface



Crown management (by pruning)

Manipulation of the structure, size, shape, density or mechanical properties of tree crowns


Crown reduction

Operation that results in an overall reduction in the height of a tree and usually also its spread by means of a general shortening of twigs and/or branches. Branches a cut back to a lateral capable of assuming apical dominance and are generally one third the diameter of the branch  being cut

NOTE It retains the main framework of the crown.



Crown thinning

Removal of a proportion of small, live branches from throughout the crown to ensure an even

Density of foliage around a well-spaced and balanced branch structure




Production and maintenance of a form of tree with numerous branches arising from the same height on a main stem or principal branches (the “bolling”)




removal of most or all of the crown of a mature maiden tree or the pruning of a pollarded tree below the knuckles as stated earlier this is not usually inflicted on healthy trees except  for fruit trees and specialty pruning




Controlled infliction of damage on a young or early-mature tree

NOTE undertaken to promote or emulate the development of some of the features of an ancient tree, especially

The wildlife habitats and shelters that are provided by decaying wood and cavities



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