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Pruning is the most common Tree care or tree work procedure. Pruning is the selective removal of plant parts to meet specific goals and objectives.

Some People think that tree pruning unnecessary and wasteful because after all trees in a forest grow well with out it. What they fail to realize is that only one in a Billion seeds survives to grow into a mature forest tree.  Richmond and other urban settings virtually all trees are expected to make it to maturity.

 In Richmond and other urban settings tree pruning is necessary to Improve tree structure maintain tree health prevent excessive encroachment on property maintain safety and make the tree aesthetically pleasing.

Tree Surgery or Tree Pruning can be a double edged sward done well it is very very good done badly it is very very bad. Good tree pruning performed by a competent arborist or Tree Surgeon  will maintain safety, prevent branch breakage Improve Tree structure Improve tree health Improve Flowering and Fruiting
Tree Cuts are very important when carried out by professional tree arborists with a knowledge to tree biology and responses. Bad pruning cuts damage the tree permanently and will shorten its life expectancy. Pruning cuts must be made with an understanding of how the tree will respond to the cut. Although all pruning cuts wound the tree, improper pruning can cause damage that remains for the life of the tree.
Knowledge of the tree's response will help the arborist achieve the goal of a healthy, structurally sound, and aesthetically pleasing tree.Bark Included Branch 

Defects in Young Trees & Medium Aged Trees Wholly or Partially Correctable with Pruning

  • Multiple Leaders & Codominant Stems
  •     Dead or Weak Branches
  •     Flat Topped Crown
  •     Circling & Stem-girdling Roots
  •     Bark Included Branch & Stem Unions
  •     Clustered Branches Rubbing Branches   
  •     Unwanted Fruit & Flower Production
  •     Insect or Disease Infested Branches   
  •     Topped & Storm Damaged branches
  •     Upright Growth from Close Nursery Spacing  
  •      Interior Branches Removed
  •     Deformed Branches   
  •     Structural Root Decay
  •     Dense Crown   
  •     Dense Branch Ends
  •     Branch Stubs   
  •     Branchless Trunks
  •     Fast-growing Branches Young Trees   
  •     Side Branches Longer than Leader
  •     Dips in Permanent Branches           
  •     Waterspouts

Defects in Mature Trees & Medium Aged Trees Wholly or Partially Correctable with Pruning

  •     Bark Included Branch Unions   
  •     Localized Vascular wilt diseases
  •     Branches With Cracks   
  •     Trees Topped through sapwood only
  •     Dead Branches   
  •     Lions-tailed Trees   
  •     Branches Blocking a view   
  •     Storm Damaged trees   
  •     Branches hanging over a building   
  •     Leaning Trees   
  •     Rubbing Branches   
  •     Heavy Branches with large diameter   
  •     Long Branches with poor Taper   
  •     Multiple branches clustered together
  •     Dense Crown Shading Turf    Unbalanced crown
  •     Dense Branch Ends   
  •     Circling Roots

Defects in Mature  Trees Difficult to correct  with Pruning

  • Root Loss / Damage (IE during construction)   
  • Hollowed or decayed trunk
  • Decayed large roots near trunk   
  • Heavy top
  • Topped Trees   
  • Crack in main branch or trunk
  • Codominant Stems   
  • Sunken bark on underside of branch base
  • Trees With extreme dieback   
  • Large-diameter limbs clustered together

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